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All-Inclusive VPN, Unmetered, No Apps, No Ads and No Logs!

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Liberty VPN is secure reliable fast and extremely easy to use.

Liberty VPN Benefits


Your real IP will remain hidden using our VPN, so your internet activity cannot be monitored.


When at Wi-Fi hotspots encrypt your traffic to ensure your protection against online hackers.

Identidy Theft

A stolen identity is a powerful cloak used to commit crimes in your name.


Complete anonymity, your internet activity cannot be monitored. We do NOT keep logs.

Bypass Restrictions

Bypass your Internet Service Providor (ISP) and access blocked websites.

Watch TV

A VPN allows you to watch your favorite TV programs. For more info please click here

Social Networks

Keep your pictures, blog and online profiles secure against social hacking.

Unblock Skype

Use our service to unblock Skype and save money on international calls.

and more...

A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides a secure and private connection within a public network (e.g. the Internet). We provide a secure connection to our servers and all traffic is directed through them.

No Apps, No Ads and No Logs!